About Us

We are building Pixipin to serve and empower fashion enthusiasts.

In today’s world, when food, groceries, cabs and even pet food is available on demand, why should fashion lovers have to wait 3-7 days for delivery from online platforms? Especially since there is a store within a few kilometers which has that same product in stock! This is the problem we have set out to solve. Because we understand that when you want that tasty looking dress, you want it right now! Not two weeks from now, not ten days from now, but right this minute!

At Pixipin, we take care to stock only the most appealing styles from the best designers and stores in your city. We offer you fast reliable delivery and hassle free returns & exchange, for a completely relaxing shopping experience. In short, we help you always look your best, whether it is for a last minute occasion, or just a casual outing. So what are you waiting for? Order now, and get ready to have your world changed forever!

Behind Pixipin is a passionate and pedigreed team of seasoned technology and business professionals on a mission to forever transform the way people shop for fashion online.